The Photoshoot

It all starts with a pre photoshoot consultation over the phone. This is where we will talk about the different needs of your party – what their likes and dislikes are and of course agree a date and your chosen location.

I know that some children like to be prepared for new experiences so I have a short, child friendly, fact sheet all about me – my likes, dislikes & some interesting facts. 

On the day itself I will just use my camera and natural lighting so no time is wasted by setting equipment up and I don’t cause any unnecessary distractions.  The session will go at a speed and pace that fits with you. If a break is needed then thats what we will have alternatively if the energy on the shoot is high then we can move quickly! However as a guide a session usually last for ~ 1 hour. 

Following the photoshoot I will edit and organise the photos I have taken. Within 6 weeks all your photos will be placed on a secure, password protected, website.

Depending on the package you have chosen you will either be able to download all the images to print and share with other family members and friends as you choose or select and pay for specific images.  

Click here for more information on the packages available.

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