Autism Awareness Week

My son Harry – as you may already know – has autism and a severe learning disability (chicken and egg? Who knows!). This week is autism awareness week and I would like to tell you […]

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My 15 mins of fame!

Just after I achieved my accreditation – there be another post on that shortly! – I sent an email to our local newspaper to see if they would be interested in my story. The weeks […]

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You’re not alone – everyone has concerns about a family photoshoot!

Booking a family photo shoot is not something you do everyday and it’s only natural to have some concerns about it, more so if you have children with a disability or special needs. In this […]

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A family photoshoot – what’s stopping you?

        As a mother of a son with a severe learning disability and autism I fully appreciate the feeling of dread and anxiety that even the briefest thought of having a family […]

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What’s so different about you?

  This week a lady I was speaking to about Perfectly Unique Photography asked me ‘what’s so different about you?’ so I thought I would use this blog to explain a bit more about what […]

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