You’re not alone – everyone has concerns about a family photoshoot!

Booking a family photo shoot is not something you do everyday and it’s only natural to have some concerns about it, more so if you have children with a disability or special needs. In this post I’m talking about some of the common concerns about a photoshoot that I have come across.

I don’t like those cheesy poses that photographers make you do

I think most people feel awkward in those cliche poses too! Personally I  prefer the photos that are natural and capture the person’s personality and the natural family dynamic. If this is your concern too then having a ‘lifestyle photo shoot’, where your family is photographed at home, or outdoors is a good solution. You’ll naturally feel more relaxed in those surroundings, and lifestyle photography by it’s very nature doesn’t involve awkward posing. Yes, your photographer will guide you into flattering positions, and position you for the best light, but there should be little cheese and awkwardness involved!

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My children may not be in the mood to cooperate

This tends to be the most common concern. My advice would be work with a photographer who specialises in special needs photography or who has worked with disabled children or those with additional needs before. The more relaxed the photoshoot and the more experienced the photographer the less there is for anyone, including you, to feel like they need to ‘cooperate’. If you have any specific concerns just let the photographer know in advance – or if, like me, they do a pre photoshoot consultation the photographer should already understand your concerns and will be doing what they can to make everyone at ease.

I don’t like the way I look in photos

We are all our own worst critics, and so many mums I speak to have concerns about how they are going to appear in the photos. However working with a professional who makes you feel comfortable, knows how to position you  for the best angles and has all the other skills required really does make a difference.  One thing to bear in mind before you get in front of the camera with your family is being present in my family photos. When I look back at photographs from my childhood, I’m not thinking about my mum’s weight or how many lines are on her face, I’m just glad to have photographs that I can look back at. And I’m sure it will be the same for our children – they won’t care whether we have make up on, weigh more than we would like or have lines on our faces. They’ll just be glad we are there. 

The Cost 

I find that cost can be concern for families when they are choosing whether to book a family photo shoot. With some photographers, like me, charging an ‘all-inclusive’ fee for the session and digital images, and others working on an a-la-carte basis pricing can be confusing. There’s also a lot of difference in how much photographers charge.

If you’re thinking of booking a family photo shoot but cost is a concern you could consider working with a photographer who is building up their portfolio who may offer sessions at a reduced price. Some photographers offer mini sessions around certain holidays and, depending on your child’s needs and their ability to adjust to new situations, these are often cheaper than a full family shoot. Alternatively you could also bring other family members along and share the cost – a photo with grandparents or cousins in are often the photos that are treasured the most. 

What other concerns do you have?  Let me know in the comments below.

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