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This week a lady I was speaking to about Perfectly Unique Photography asked me ‘what’s so different about you?’ so I thought I would use this blog to explain a bit more about what makes me different.

We had an experience a few years ago with a photographer who didn’t really ‘get’ Harry, and actually didn’t even really try to get him. At this point I do need to say there are some FAB-U-LOUS family photographers out there who are kind and considerate and take truly magical photos but we were, I now realise, very unlucky in our choice of photographer.  Our photographer knew the shots that would ‘work’ and so they were the positions we were put in regardless of the fact that Harry was dead set on doing the complete opposite of what he was being asked to do! As you can imagine it was very stressful to say the least! 

Perfectly Unique Photography’s aim is to take the stress out of not only the actual photoshoot but also the ‘idea’ of having a photoshoot with a family member who has special needs.  I understand from having my son, who has autism and a severe learning disability, how some activities can become overwhelming and how often the worry involved in even thinking about doing an activity or going somewhere is enough to put a stop to the idea before it has even been discussed. I can’t count the number of times we haven’t done something because we got caught up in the what ifs! But as we all know – that shouldn’t be the case – why can’t we do what we want and create the memories that we want to? So that’s my aim, to provide you with an alternative approach to providing the photographic memories we all want.

So what is so different about Perfectly Unique Photography? 

Before we meet, we chat! During our pre photoshoot consultation I will talk through what I do and answer any questions you may have and then we will have a confidential chat about the family member(s) with special needs. We will discuss likes and dislikes along with other things such as how the individual responds to strangers. To me this is a particularly important question because, as with all people, first impressions count!  On the shoot itself I will be led by you and the person who has special needs, we will take a break if a break is needed, we can move around the venue quickly or go at a slower pace to suit the family. Ultimately I respond to the situation as it is on the day. I don’t come with a check list of shoots to get (though if you have a particular photo you want me to capture I will of course try and make that happen) I aim to photograph the smiles that come naturally and I don’t come with any preconceived ideas of how people will be. I know from experience there are ‘good’ days and ‘bad’ days, things that go the way you expect them to and things that don’t so that’s why the time I spend with you and your family is spent listening, responding and being as much in the background as I can, giving you and your family the freedom to relax. 

I hope this blog has help answer the question of what makes me different – if you have any other questions or are interested in booking an experience, which is currently on offer with 20% off until 16 July,  please get in touch
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