July Already?!


Isla at sports day
Since my last blog we have moved from June into July and are hurtling towards the summer holidays at break neck speed! That means that in general our house is full of talk about sports days, what teacher they will get next year and exactly how many days they have left until they break up (a question asked at least once a day!) This week our youngest Isla had her first sports day – it was made very clear to the adults that the races were non competitive and polite clapping was the order of the day. Clearly the parents of the older group of children didn’t get that warning as I heard them being cheered on by their parents like they were going for gold in the olympics! It was a lovely morning with a mixture of focused children running like their life depended on it and the less focused posing for photos and therefore forgetting to run, running in the wrong direction and steering buggies into fences (though the buggies did have a touch of the Tesco’s trolley wheels about them)! Isla came under the latter group and was very happy with the medal and the ice lolly at the end. 

On Monday I went to a Sussex Autism Support Network’s coffee morning this is a great local network where you can talk about all aspect of family life, coping strategies or simply chat amongst a group of people who ‘get it’. It was my first coffee morning and I will definitely be going again. Apart from being a lovely bunch of people who were very welcoming  I also heard about something called Chewlery. Harry has sensory needs and is often chewing stuff he shouldn’t. We have never been keen on a chew toy but I was getting desperate as he has recently started nibbling on a blanket I love!  Anyway Kat, who heads up the network, recommended Chewlery so we got him a necklace with some rubber dog tags and bobs your uncle! So far so good! Harry loves having the freedom to chew when he wants and we love the fact that by using it he will be safe (and so will my blankets!)

Harry is due to start a special needs school near us in September and this Tuesday he went to ‘bump up day’ which is where the new children spend half a day in their new class. Parents were allowed to stay but Harry had other ideas and asked, more or less as soon as I arrived, if I could go! So I am pretty confident he will enjoy his new school – the fact it has a swimming pool and a trampoline isn’t swaying him one bit!

Perfectly Unique Photography has also had an exciting week by launching an introductory offer of 20% off an experience if you book before 16th July – you may have spotted the adverts on this site!  The interest I have had on the offer has been great and with over a week to go there is still time for you to book your session. In practice it means that instead of paying the usual £190 for a session you only pay £152. It is a 20% deposit to secure your booking with the rest due 28 days in advance of the session. If you would like to find out more information or book an experience please get in touch!

I have also been doing a lot of research in to getting Perfectly Unique Photography advertised in print. I have been looking at publications that support those with special needs as well as broader publications – so if you any recommendations please let me know!

Finally to anyone who is going to the Disability Pride event this weekend I hope you have a great time! and remember Perfectly Unique Photography is in the raffle and you’ve got to be in it to win it! 

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