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Disney, Special Needs Boy, Autism Harry,

Since my last blog I have been busying away in the background and I thought I would share what has been going on! 

The biggest event of the past week is that my son turned 10 on Tuesday! Which is unbelievable! Firstly how is my little baby 10!? and secondly how have I got 10 years older!? Surely I am still in my early 20’s! Anyway to celebrate this big transition from singular to double digits we went to London to see Aladdin (see iPhone snap above!). My son is obsessed with all the Disney villains and his favourite game is where we ask ‘who is the baddie in…’ and then name a Disney film. We never win as his knowledge of evil villains is worthy of participation on mastermind! We had a great time. Our trip started with a visit to the Disney store, then Old McDonalds (named that way in our family as Amy asked a few years ago if ‘old McDonald had a loo’ she could use!), then on to the show. It was a great show and a fabulous set but very VERY loud so we were pleased we had taken Harry’s ear defenders with us. After the show we had dinner and then caught the train home. All in all a lovely day and on the big day itself he had emoji cake (well mainly the icing!) for breakfast – what more can a birthday boy ask for!?

On Wednesday I received my first batch of Perfectly Unique Photography leaflets! It was an exciting morning opening the box up as I had spent a fair few hours designing, redesgining, comfort eating, designing again, tweeking, comfort eating, making changes, changing the changes back etc (you get my drift!) before I sent the final design off so when I opened up the box it is safe to say I held my breath! But I am so happy with them!  Watch out for them popping up at waiting room near you soon and if you spot one let me know what you think! 

I have also spent the last week in correspondence with the organisers of the UK’s first ever Disability Pride event taking place in Brighton. I am very proud to say that Perfectly Unique Photography is supporting the event by donating a photoshoot for the raffle. The event is taking  place on 9th July at 14:00 – 19:00 and all the details can be found here. I look forward to meeting the winners soon! 

Finally I have been busy planning Perfectly Unique Photography’s  first ever promotion which I hope to announce next week  – so again watch this space and keep an eye on my Facebook page!


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